Custom Expanded Metal Filter, Heavy Duty, 2″ thickness




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Heavy Duty Expanded Metal air/grease filters are constructed of individual layers of expanded galvanized steel  and assembled in a “crisscross” pattern. The expansion openings are diamond shaped and each subsequent layer has the diamonds placed in the opposite direction as the previous layer for more efficiency at capturing particulates. There is also 1 or more layers, depending upon the thickness of the filter, of screen wire in the center of the filter. Depending upon the thickness of the filter, some of the expanded galvanized steel layers and screen wire are corrugated or flattened in order to completely fill the frame of the filter and increase efficiency.

These filters have various uses including as barrier filters for insects, rodents, larger particulates and grease collection. Air resistance is less than metal mesh filters but so is efficiency. They are however, almost indestructible and very easy to clean. Used mostly for capturing larger particulates in industrial and commercial applications. Heavy duty expanded metal filters are made of Galvanized Steel.

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