Good Filter Company has a history of manufacturing filters for original equipment manufacturers.

OEM Filter Materials

Polyester, polypropylene, aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel, metal mesh, expanded metal, flattened metal, corrugated metal, filter screen wire, charcoal impregnated, charcoal imbedded, granular charcoal, washable materials or disposable materials, woven materials or non-woven materials, etc.

OEM Filter Construction Methods

  • We can use different configurations of the same materials or different configurations of different materials to alter filter characteristics.
  • Higher efficiency or lower efficiency-higher air restriction or lower air restriction.
  • Big particle control or small particle control, vapor control and chemical control.
  • Dust control filters, mist control filters, vapor and chemical control filters, electro-magnetic interrupt filters, barrier filters.
  • Thin filters (3/32″) or thick (1 3/4″) and lots of thicknesses in between.
  • Light duty filters, heavy duty filters and in between duty filters.

You tell us your application and we will design a filter for it and build a proto type filter for you to test. Then, if necessary, modify the design or construction, add or subtract materials or layers of materials until we get it just right for your application.

1 filter or 1000’s of filters. We can do it!!