About Us

Good Filter Company was started in 1990 as an associate enterprise of an air cleaner sales and service company as a method of lowering cost of goods.

It started in a garage as a distributor of a local charcoal / carbon filter manufacturer. We bought directly from the factory, so our costs were lowered and we passed this savings on to other air cleaner businesses. Then the local charcoal / carbon manufacturing business we had been buying from was sold, and the quality of their product decreased and their manufacturing lead times increased. So we started to manufacture our own charcoal / carbon filters.

Satisfied customers spread the word of the outstanding quality of our filters and our quick manufacturing lead times, and demand from sources other than the air cleaner business began to increase. We soon realized that there was a need for other types of air filters of quality construction and for orders that could be manufactured and shipped quickly. We were beginning to manufacture for a national customer base, and HVAC and OEM businesses began to call us for customized application filters, so we added metal mesh and expanded metal filters to our manufacturing line.

Again, satisfied customers spread the word of the quality of our product and quick manufacturing lead times, and our business grew.

In 1999 we added polypropylene electrostatic filters to our manufacturing line, and our expertise in custom application filter design brought us new businesses in different industries.

Today we manufacture metal mesh, expanded metal, polypropylene electrostatic, activated charcoal/carbon filters, baffle grease, and stainless steel filters and ship internationally. But our focus is still on quality of product and fast delivery.