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Expanded Metal Filters

Expanded metal filters are made from a combination of flattened, regular and/or corrugated expanded aluminum, galvanized steel or stainless steel and regular or corrugated screen wire.

Expanded metal filters are used mostly in commercial, industrial and OEM facilities. They are used for a variety of applications including heating, air conditioning and other hvac requirements, grease filters, oil or water mist control, large particulate collection or heavy particulate collection, areas where filters are exposed to outside weather conditions, barriers to intrusion of debris, insects or animals, conditions where maximum air flow is required and small particle control is not the primary concern.

Expanded metal filters are excellent for very inhospitable and harsh conditions because they are nearly indestructible. They are the toughest of all air filtration products.

Efficiency of particle collection and air flow can be adjusted by using a variety of materials assembled in different ways. Different expansion widths, perpendicular layering (each layer perpendicular to the preceding layer), flattening or corrugating the expanded metals and the use of screen wire to increase efficiency.

All or some of these materials can be used in a filter depending upon the thickness of the filter, the collection efficiency desired, the air restriction control needed, the durability requirements and the application it is being used for.

These filters can be made in standard and custom sizes and can be individually configured for special purpose usage. Expanded metal filters are particularly useful in industrial and oem applications and can also be utilized for such unique purposes as electro magnetic interrupt filters (emi filters) in electronic and electrical enclosures.

Available thicknesses range from 3/32" to 1 3/4".

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