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Custom Metal Mesh Filters

Ordering a custom washable metal mesh air filter is easy! Use the "Shop By" options on the left of the screen to customize your order.

(1) Choose quality

Our standard duty filters are great in residential, commercial and industrial applications as the primary filter in HVAC systems or as a pre-filter in a self-contained air cleaner. Our standard duty filters are often more durable than other manufacturers' heavy duty air filters.

Our heavy duty washable metal mesh filters can take the worst punishment and continue to give excellent service for a long time.

(2) Choose a thickness

You can currently offer 1" and 2" thicknesses online, but can often produce additional variations, such as 1/2" (3/8") and 3/8" (5/16").

(3) Choose the area in square inches

Multiply the length x width of your desired filter.

Can't find what you need? Give us a call at (888) 974-9394.

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