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Activated Charcoal/Carbon Odor and Vapor Filters

Activated Charcoal/Carbon Filter Overview

Activated charcoal/carbon filters are primarily used to control odor, chemicals, vapor and can also filter some types of particulate. They are commonly used in:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • OEM applications

Types and Materials

Activated charcoal/carbon filters come in various types for different applications: polyester with charcoal dust impregnated in it, polyester with charcoal pieces imbedded in it, pleated charcoal/carbon filters in a die cut frame, partial bypass (honeycomb) and charcoal/carbon trays.

Polyester Impregnated

Polyester with carbon dust impregnated in it is used for range hood and under microwave odor control filters, air cleaner pre-filters and other filters where light usage is expected. Residential and commercial. 

Polyester Imbedded

Polyester with carbon pieces imbedded in it is used for the above applications and where more carbon is needed because heavier concentrations of pollutants are present. Residential, commercial, light industrial. 

Pleated Activated Charcoal/Carbon Filters in a Die Cut Frame

Polyester impregnated or polyester imbedded filter material that is pleated and enclosed in a die cut (moisture resistant cardboard) frame are used where maximum carbon is needed and minimum air restriction is required. Residential, commercial. 

Partial Bypass (honeycomb)

Cellulose chambers partially filled with carbon pieces. These filters are desired when heavier concentrations of vapors are present and when air flow restriction needs to be minimized. Commercial, industrial. 

Carbon Trays

Metal frames with screen on both sides filled with carbon pieces. These filters are used in heavy commercial and industrial applications where heavier concentrations of pollutants are present and air restriction is not of primary concern.

All these carbon filters, except polyester impregnated with carbon dust, can have additional products added to them to better control specific odors, chemicals and vapors. The useful life of a carbon filter cannot be accurately predicted because so many variables affect it's ability to absorb. Some of which are: air volume, air speed, humidity, concentration of vapors, type of vapors, other pollutants present in the air stream, time exposed to air flow, etc.

Activated Charcoal/Carbon Filter Sizes

Carbon filters come in standard and custom sizes and configured to address specific applications. Thicknesses can be supplied in a range from 3/32" to 4". We can recommend the charcoal / carbon filter to best serve your application.

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