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Polypropylene Electrostatic Filters

Electrostatic filters are more efficient at collecting airborne particulates than regular filters and especially smaller particulates. The friction of air moving over the polypropylene filter fabric strands causes a static electrical field around the strands that attracts particles out of the air and holds them until they are washed off.

Electrostatic filters are more efficient than regular filters but less air restrictive than pleated (extended surface) filters. Electrostatic filters can be made in standard sizes or custom sizes and they are permanent, washable filters designed specifically for your particular application.

Residential applications include furnace and air conditioning primary filters and pre-filters for duct mounted and portable electronic air cleaners.

Commercial and industrial applications include heating and air conditioning equipment, pre-filters for air cleaning equipment, vent filters for electrical or electronic enclosure cabinets and other applications where higher efficiency and lower air restriction is required or desired.

Electrostatic filters are excellent for oem applications because of their customizable aspects and their efficiency and lower air restriction (pressure drop). They are durable, cleanable and re-usable. The efficiency and pressure drop can be easily adjusted by adding more or fewer layers of polypropylene filter fabric. Thickness of the filters can be varied from 3/32" to 1 3/4". Custom design is our specialty.

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  1. Economy Duty Electrostatic Air Filters - 2" Standard Size

    Economy Duty Electrostatic Air Filters - 2" Standard Size

    This Electrostatic Air Filter is made of 2 plys of fine mesh electrostatic filter media with a layer of polyester between them and 2 outer layers of heavy net electrostatic guard fabric. Learn More

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